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Want to know the story of the videogame coding scene in Peru?

Samba De Oruga (for Windows)
TEG MOBILE (TEGMO) is a new videogames development team for cellular phones located
in Lima, Perú . We are the new mobile division of Twin Eagles Group (TEG), a programming team related to classic videogames since many years ago.
We at TEGMO are working hard to grow the list of our productions, so keep visiting our homepage for news and feel free to send your feedback () .
These are the first productions by TEGMO.
Click on the banners to see information and screenshots about the game.
The young canary was challenged by a Cobra and his band of hangry friends. Will Canny Punky survive?
Test you ability in this funny game by stunning
the joking animals that show up from the holes!
Are you brave enough to cross the road avoiding killer cars while you collect bonus items to be on top score ranking?
Or are you just another little chicken in the way?
These games are constantly being ported to new phone models so check the proper game section to know the actual list of supported handsets.
Visit Work In Progress section for details on new games under development.

You may subscribe to our newspapers () to be informed on news.

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